Better Basis. On farm pick up. No Fee.

You tell us the Basis price you want for your grain. We use the market power of the FBN network to find the price you want.

How it works:

The FOB Farm Basis Offer Contract allows you to seek better Basis levels by leveraging the scale and negotiating power of the FBN Network.

  • Make Us An Offer: Set a Basis offer with a 30-day expiration. If we can find or negotiate a Basis level that meets your offer, we'll accept the offer and pick up your grain.
  • No Cost to Make an Offer: If we can find a buyer, the offer you make is the price you'll get.
  • Take the Spot or Roll the Futures: If we take your Basis offer, you can take the spot price or roll into a Future contract to maintain exposure to the market.

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*The FBN FOB FARM Basis Contract is only available to FBN Members