What if I don't have at least two employees?

These health plans are designed for small businesses, and our partner, Lifestyle Health, is unfortunately not able to offer coverage to individuals at this time. In order to be considered a group and not an individual, you will need at least two health policies. This could be a husband and wife, or a parent and an adult child, as long as both are employed full time on the farm.

What do you consider "full time"?

Typically, 30+ hours per week and paid at least minimum wage. 

One of my employees/family members is on Medicare. Can he/she get a Medicare supplement through the plans marketed by FBN Health, and will that count towards the 2 employee minimum?

Lifestyle Health does not offer Medicare supplements at this time.


I'm not in one of your FBN Health states. Am I still eligible?

Reach out to us - depending on the state, Lifestyle Health may still be able to help. Lifestyle is currently not able to provide coverage in the following states: Oregon, Florida, Maryland, Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Minnesota, Montana.  Minnesota and Montana are coming soon. 

Can I use my Social Security Number instead of a Farm Tax ID number?

No - FBN Health plans are currently only available for groups, so an individual's Social Security Number cannot be used to represent the employer group.

Is my doctor/hospital in network?

Please contact a representatives via fbnhealth.com to learn more about provider networks in your area. 



Which forms do I need to complete?

Please complete one copy of the Employer form (page 1 only) for your entire group, and one copy of the Employee form for each employee in your group. For example, if you are enrolling 3 employees/owners, you will need to submit 3 employee forms. 


Resources for completing your application forms:

View a recording of our webinar, "How to Complete your FBN Health Application Forms"


Employer Application Form

Section 3 - What do I select for "Medical Plans Sold"?

Select "Lifestyle Major Medical Plans." If you have 20+ employees, contact us to learn more about other options.

What is a "qualified waiver"?

Indicate the number of full time employees who will be waiving (not enrolling in) FBN Health (for example, because they are already covered by a spouse's health plan or by Medicare.)

What is a "waiting/affiliation period"?

You can set the amount of time an employee must work for your business before becoming eligible for health benefits (0, 30, or 60 days)

Section 4 - leave blank for now

Section 5 - leave blank for now

Section 6 - leave blank for now


Employee Application Form

One of my employees gets health coverage elsewhere and will not enroll through our group. Do I need to submit an employee form for him/her?

If one of your employees does not plan to enroll, you can just write their name on the top of the form, and then check "I decline coverage" with the reason for declining (at the bottom of the first page of the Employee form.) You do not need to submit their health information.

Do I need to give you my Social Security Number?

It's fine to leave it off the application at this time. If you choose to enroll, your Social Security Number will be needed.

Do you really need my spouse's employer and business phone?

No, it's OK to leave this blank.

Section 3 - My family currently has health coverage from another provider, but I plan to cancel it if FBN Health saves me enough money. Should I include this other policy?

No, you do not need to include it here if you plan to cancel upon enrolling in FBN Health.

Section 4 - Should I list dependents who are covered under a different health policy and will not enroll in FBN Health?

No, only list dependents who will enroll under your policy.