K·Coe Isom is offering FBN members tailored services designed to improve profitability and secure your farm’s legacy.  

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Special Offers for FBN Members

Kcoe_logo.jpgFBN has secured an exclusive arrangement with the nation’s leading agribusiness consulting and CPA firm K·Coe Isom. As an FBN member, you receive a $1,000 credit toward your first purchase for any service of $2,500 or more.



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Improve Financial Performance

Gain insights into your farm financials from boots-on-the-ground business advisors for better decisions and results.

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Find Your Best Tax & Operating Strategy

Secure high-level accounting expertise and gain valuable insights to make sound financial decisions. Whether you need bookkeeping-level, controller-level, or CFO-level services, we provide tax strategies for your operation.

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Thoughtful Estate & Succession Plans

Experience business and family transitions without unnecessary emotional strain, complications, or tax consequences.

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Tax Consultation

A one-time, no-obligation, 30-minute phone or video tax consultation. This consultation gives you a chance to bounce ideas off a seasoned ag tax professional who specializes in farms of your size. After you share some facts about your farm operation and tell us your primary objectives, we'll answer questions that you might have and provide recommendations about ways you can achieve your goals.



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Tax Return Assessment

Receive a thoughtful consultation for either your personal or business income-tax situation that helps guide you toward short- or long-term tax goals. Start by sharing historical tax documents and answering some questions, then meet (by phone, video, or in any of our 22 offices) to explore tax-savings opportunities. You will walk away with at least three suggestions for tax savings opportunities in the future.



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"Dream Team" Business Advisory Board

Spend a half day with your own highly personalized team of leading agribusiness advisors to discuss what matters most to you. Whether it's concerns around debt structure and working capital, labor/HR, alternative ownership structures, FSA information, land use, international opportunities or on-farm sustainability programming, we can create a "Dream Team" of experts to support your needs. This team will brainstorm solutions, discuss pros/cons, help develop business plans and discuss next steps. We will tailor this advisory board to YOU based on business topics like:

- Exploring ways to optimize or expand your operation

- Developing business strategy and planning your farm’s future

- Looking for potential business opportunities

- Seasoned advice on current farm business challenges


Price Dependent Upon Needs

(*FBN members: receive $1,000 credit off your first service over $2,500 when you become a new customer of K·Coe Isom)

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Estate or Succession Planning Consultation

Are you in need of an estate plan to protect your assets? Or do you have a plan in place that needs updating? If you have questions about what estate and succession planning entails, here's a good place to start.

Our no-obligation phone or video consultation lets you:

- Talk with a seasoned estate planning professional who specializes in working with farms your size

- Learn the key considerations required for transitioning assets and establishing a succession plan

- Hear ways you can build a transition timeline that achieves peace of mind and reduces stress and family turmoil



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Personalized Estate Plan for the Farm Family

There's nothing that brings relief and confidence like having a clear vision backed by a definite plan. A great estate plan explores family and business financial needs for today and the future, and ensures your assets will be protected. Estate planning helps family members feel better about where they stand relative to the business, which often improves family relationships. K·Coe Isom's estate planning experts are unique in their ability to design thoughtful, complete estate plans in a timely manner. As no two estates—or families—are alike, we offer three different estate plan levels: basic, complex and high stakes. Each plan includes an estate tax assessment, plan design and roadmap, followed by completion in two or three separately priced phases.


NOTE: Pricing doesn't include attorney and other third party fees.


Price Dependent Upon Needs

(*FBN members: receive $1,000 credit off your first service over $2,500 when you become a new customer of K·Coe Isom)

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Succession Plan - Phase 1

It is estimated that over the next five years, approximately 70% of the nation's lands will transition out of current ownership and management. That’s why we’ve developed a unique and personalized succession planning process, with focus on a carefully designed plan to shift the business to new owners -- whether they are family heirs or non-related persons. Our experts include Certified Family Business Advisors who help transfer knowledge, skills, labor, management, control and ownership between generations. We focus on open communication and sharing of expectations to build an effective transition and succession plan. Much like our estate planning work, we offer tiered phases of succession planning. In our Phase 1, you will receive: a transition assessment, plan design and timeline. You will walk away with the start of a succession plan that includes integral management and leadership skills for the next generation of owners.



(*FBN members: receive $1,000 off your first service over $2,500 when you become a new customer of K·Coe Isom)

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AgKnowledge Consultation

Do you need help better understanding your costs of production and proactively making input decisions? Start with an AgKnowledge Consultation with one of our Profit Analysts who are experts in ag economics and farm operations, particularly in facilitating wise planting and purchase decisions. Our no-obligation phone or video consultation includes one-on-one time with a Profit Analyst to:

- Run operational ideas by a seasoned profit analyst who specializes in farms your size/type

- Talk about your concerns and production challenges and receive expert perspective

- Hear suggestions about ways you can impact performance and outcomes



(*FBN members receive this at no cost)

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AgKnowledge Data Review

This is a high-touch, review process that gives you an overview of your farm's data in a way you haven't experienced. While most people look backward at financial data, we show you how to use data to drive actions producing better metrics going forward. Your AgKnowledge Data Review looks at five areas of your business: operational, financial, land, labor and enterprise. Our experts dive into your farm production and financial processes to help you find efficiencies.We'll work together to gather information, build insightful reports and provide feedback on:

- Determinations we make from your cost of production and financial data

- Areas of concern that can impact your farm's viability and success

- Some recommendations for improving future results and reducing your risks



(*FBN members: receive $1,000 off your first service over $2,500 when you become a new customer of K·Coe Isom)

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AgKnowledge Equipment Review

A personalized profitability analysis to ensure your equipment is correctly scaled for your operation. K·Coe Isom’s AgKnowledge Profit Analysts study your current farm equipment fleet and cost structures to help you better understand your equipment costs and implications for your working capital. Our analysts also take a look at equipment insurance and other profitability issues related to machinery. You walk away with ideas and a solid plan for future equipment purchases.

$2,500-5,000 Based Upon Fleet Size

(*FBN members: receive $1,000 off your first service over $2,500 when you become a new customer of K·Coe Isom)

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Our full AgKnowledge service gives each farm a dedicated Profit Analyst who serves as an operations partner—a trusted advisor and resource—to call about anything. You work together to maximize the value of your current and historical data to provide accurate projections for better decision making tomorrow. Your Profit Analyst ensures:

- Your systems, processes and finances have checks and balances that help you rest easy

- You have continued access to knowledge and critical thinking skills, ensuring your analysis extends far beyond "one farm"

- You always have an advocate, someone to help you with your banker and tax provider, your input suppliers, your equipment dealers, and more

- You continually have rich resources and tools for budgeting, production cost by crop, overhead allocations, loan packages, breakeven analyses, and decision-making tools (land, equipment, input purchasing, management bonuses, and more)


Price Dependent Upon Needs

(FBN members receive $1,000 off your first service over $2,500 when you become a customer of K·Coe Isom)

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